Prospective Students

How to Apply

On behalf of faculty of fine arts, we have been recognized as the center of art and cultural learning center of the northern part of Thailand for more than 30 years. Many high school students, foreigners and artists includes academicians within Thailand and up abroad have paid a lot of participation for our courses and programs. The students under our supervision can be divided into 2 groups as visiting students and full program students.

Visiting Student

Visiting students are the one who do not concern about the degree. Most of our visiting students would like to experience different range of culture, tradition and diverse discipline and technique in approaching artistic theories and practice. The visiting can freely register the course according to their interest. However, the lecturer of those selected course will be evaluate the fundamental knowledge and understanding in art of the student before accepting for the visiting class.

The applicant for the visiting student has to send the follow documents to Faculty of FineArts for the approval

  1. The letter head to the dean giving summary idea of your intention of being visiting student includes the brief educational background which is related to the registered subjects after being approved as visiting student.
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Portfolio or sample of works related with the program the students are interested
  4. Photo of the applicant
  5. The interested subjects for the coming semester. (The first semester will be during August – December. The second semester will be during January – May)

The applicant can send the original documents to :

Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, 239  Tumbon Suthep, Huay Keaw Road, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200 Or send the digital files via


After the Faculty receives your document, the dean will approve for status of the applicant to be visiting student. This will spend approximately 1 week. After the approval of the dean, the registration officer of the faculty of fine arts will proceed the other procedures and sending the related document to the main university’s registration office. This will spend approximately 1 month. Therefore, please remind about the estimated period of the approval since it would affect the process of registration for the coming semester.

Fee and Payment

Please contact us for more information via

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