Vision Mission


  • To conserve, create and develop Lanna and International Arts


1. To make educational development with the emphasis on excellence and outstanding in academic and creative aspects of arts and cultures, as well as design and art media based on arts and culture of Lanna;

2. To promote learning, teaching and research on design and creation that support the ‘21st Century Learning’ Concept and ‘Creative Economy’ Policy of the country to develop expert graduates and teachers in national and international levels;

3. To develop graduates with appropriate capabilities, expertise, skills, pride of the university, academic dignity, politeness, knowledge and morality;

4. To provide academic services related to arts, cultures, design and creativity with participation from communities for strengthening the society on the bases of local and national needs;

5. To support and promote religions, arts, culture and Lanna traditions, and conserve natural resources of the North of Thailand and the country in the sustainable manner;

6. To integrate academic collaboration with agencies outside the university and art institutions in and outside Thailand; and

7. To make organizational development with the principle of good governance