Department of Thai Art

Department of Thai Art provides the program for the students who are interested in the field of Traditional Thai Painting, Design, Performing Art and Music. For Thai Art Program The student will receive Bachelor of Fine Arts (Thai Art) | (Abbr.) B.F.A. (Thai Art).  This 4 year program will provide the understanding and knowledge in Thai, Lanna, and Greater Sub Mae Khong Region culture and tradition which is gradually connected to the universal cultural expression. The students will be encouraged to concern about the development and conservation with creativity includes Lanna Cultural Management and Thai to be elegantly maintained and existed within this contemporary context. Thai traditional painting practice will be available for this program. Thai Art Department does not neglect the neighboring cultures and traditions as well since the student will be given the opportunities for exploring Southeast Asia lifestyle and cultural uniqueness such as Chinese, Indian, Burmese and other oriental traditions.

Another program supplied by Thai Art Department is handicraft and industrial design programs. The Students will experience the applied art discipline in widen perspective especially, the notable applied art in Northern handicrafts of Thailand. The students will be inspired to present their talent in design and applied art products with both local and contemporary technique plus materials to serve with social needs. Consequently, the fundamental design in ceramics, handicrafts, jewelry, product design, computer graphics and basic multimedia design will be offered as the basic knowledge ready for student to future rise to their own individual originality. The Students graduating from this program will receive Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design) | (Abbr.) B.F.A. (Design).

Department of Visual Art

This department consists of 4 main fields of study which are Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture and Multidisciplinary. These programs are all 4 year program. The student will understand both Thai and Universal art practice in Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, Multidisciplinary.


Printmaking is a five-years university program in the context of multidisciplinary practical techniques and processes in such as Relief Printing, Intaglio Printing, etc. with presentation of graphic work in which multiple images are made from variety of material such as metal plate, heavy stone, wood or linoleum block, or silkscreen, with black-and-white or color printing inks.


Painting Program drives the students to expression their view creatively through colors, and mix media to tell story regarding their world view, and the way they view the world and society while strengthening their basic drawing and composition skills.


Sculpture Program urge students to enhance their practical 3D experience and creativity with experiment on various materials, techniques, methods and approach such as metal, clay, plaster, wood and stone carving, Paper Mache, and various media.


Master of Fine Arts (Painting)

Department of Visual Art also provide more 2 programs for Master degrees which are Visual Art and Painting. Master of Fine Arts  is a two-year university program offers a two-years program for students with diverse background balancing between creative work and academic studies. A one year course work combines scholarly work with practical training in a broad range of artistic media. The program incubates artistic ideas and practical skills with new technique.


Department of Media Arts and Design

This is the new design program supervised by Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University, there are 2 programs which are Photographic Arts (Bachelor Degree) and Media Arts and Design (Bachelor Degree) .

- The Photographic Art Program will enhance the capability of the students to specialize in studio and outdoor photography for various purposes. This program also support the study of photography in 4 sub fields which are fundamental skills in photography, photography for marketing, digital and technological photography  and Photographic art and criticism. This 4 year program also enhances techniques for photography such as black and white, color photography, studio, portrait photography and photography for news.

- The Media Arts and Design is a interdisciplinary program in collaboration with four discipline:  Arts, Science,  Design and Technology leading toward the cutting edge of multimedia production alongside nurture critical thinkers.

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