Program in Printmaking

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Printmaking)

A 4-year Program

Curriculum Detail:

The 4 years Program in Printmaking emphasizes on the study on and creation of printmaking works that consists of procedure and steps of works, data collection and technical procedure that have been developed to agree with inspirations and imaginations that have identities. The graduates from this program are well-trained in knowledge and comprehension management process; have capability of creating art works hat meet international standards, and intensive experiences in learning and creating art works in both theoretical and practical aspects; and have opportunities to participate in world class art exhibitions and professional contests with the emphasis on true development of learners’ skills, expertise and creativity for the excellence in the fields of printmaking works and visual arts.

The Program is integrated by applying knowledge to be able to actually apply it to a variety of jobs, including integration with other fields of study to support higher education.

Graduates can pursue a variety of careers, including artist, art director, art educator and the relevant career in many fields.