Doctoral Program in Arts and Design

Doctor of Philosophy (Arts and Design)

Welcome International Students with Good English Skills.


Topic Details
1. Curriculum Description Apply knowledge from various fields of study to develop and create a new body of knowledge in art and design by integrating practical theory and aesthetics. Systematically explain the thought process and the process of creating works. Disseminate works to the public appropriately and be accepted at the national and international levels.


2. Plan of study for International Students 3 Years Program

Type 1.1


3. Specific Field of Study Arts and Design


4. English Requirement Attach in the application or, send to the program office within the second semester.

Need to pass the English Test before “Proposal defend examination”

-          CMU eTegs 65

-          IELTS 5.5

-          TOEFL (ITP: 523, CBT: 193, IBT: 69)

See more details

“Foreign Language Conditions for Graduate Student”



5. Qualifications of Applicants 1. Completed Master's degree or its equivalence in Fine Arts, Arts, and Design or its equivalence from the institute that has been proved by the Office of Higher Education Committee.

2. Both Thai and International Applicants are welcome.

3. Artist / Designer or those who have a strong and deep experience in the field of Art and Design for a period of time.

4. Competent person and expertise in Art Creation and Design.


6. Tuition Fee 70,000 THB/ Semester

(or 420,000 THB / 6 Semesters)


7. Number of Students Regular Intake: 10


8. Application Document to Graduate School 1. Two completed application forms

2. Two 1-inch, full-face photographs without accessories, less than 6 months old (affixed to the application form).

3. Academic official transcript of master's degree with grade point average (GPA) and academic official transcript of bachelor’s degree with grade point average (GPA).

(official English translation)

4. Copy of Passport

5. A copy of House Registration Certificate (if any)

6. A copy of the document certifying name or surname changing or document of marriage registration (if any)


9. Application Documents (Program’s special requirement) 1. Applicants bring their portfolios to the interview sessions

2. Complete application forms

3. The A4-size Portfolio of Arts and Design; gives details of each work/set of artwork such as technique, actual size, created year, and sorting from past to present order. 1 page per 1 photograph and the work detail is preferred.

4. The pre-proposal of your expected dissertation paper, providing the interesting topic of study, the pre-concept, structure, or plan of the expected dissertation. (.pdf and Docx. are preferred)

See pre-proposal form : (

5. The applicants must send Portfolio and Pre-proposal to Ph.D. program in Arts and Design by email to

(Send before the last day of application)


10. Class hour Course is taken on a weekday (Monday – Friday)


11. Entrance Examination Interview


12. Curriculum Structure and Study Plan Please visit (



13. Online Application Please visit (