Program in Painting

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting)

A 5-year Program

Curriculum Detail:

The Program in Painting emphasizes in the study on bodies of knowledge, skills and creativity related to painting with individuality, and freedom of painting creation, together with the integration with and connection to the current world within the cultural frame, quality that meets international standards, knowledge of contemporary local arts and environment, benefits from arts to the society, and conservation of the identities of arts in this region.

Learners will study on paintings and develop individual skills and creativity, with the freedom to create works with integration and reflection on the knowledge of the current world, within the cultural frame, and quality that meets international standards, capabilities of applying knowledge about arts to arts and culture in the effective manner, ethics, morality and social responsibility, and capabilities of creating new bodies of knowledge to serve the society with knowledge about local arts culture and environment.

Graduates can pursue a variety of careers, including artist, art director, art educator and the relevant career in many fields