Program in Sculpture

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture)

A 4-year Program

Curriculum Detail:

This program emphasizes on the study on arts to turn learners into artists with knowledge; morality; ability to create sculptural works with the aesthetic values and the reflection on the knowledge about globalization and contemporary arts; ability to apply the knowledge about local arts and culture of Mekong River Basin region to developing new bodies of knowledge that meet with international standards; and social responsibility within the context of the sufficient economy philosophy. This program will develop the graduates with knowledge and expertise in arts, morality, ethics, social responsibility in creating works and disseminating knowledge about arts, and creativity in order to use arts for benefiting the society and conserving arts and culture that are identities of this region.

Sculpture Program urge students to enhance their practical 3D experience and creativity with experiment on various materials, techniques, methods and approach such as metal, clay, plaster, wood and stone carving, Paper Mache, and various media.

Graduates can pursue a variety of careers, including artist, art director, art educator and the relevant career in many fields.