Program in Thai Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Thai Arts and Creative Cultures)

A 4-year Program

Curriculum Detail:

This program emphasizes learning, practice and self-development in the breadth and depth of arts and culture of Thailand, Lanna (Northern Thai) and the ASEAN region, both traditional and contemporary.

Students can choose to study according to their aptitude and interest in 3 groups of subjects: 1. Arts and Culture Management 2. Thai art and 3. Art history. Students will learn from the basics to advanced knowledge in both theory and practice.

Applied the research methodology based on real data in art and work creation according to individual approaches in Thai art project subjects.

Graduates can pursue a variety of careers, including teachers, writers, academics who produce historical works or documentaries on Thai and Lanna art, curators, arts and culture administrators, artists and designers who create Thai art, Art department in a private company, or a profession that uses knowledge or information about Thai art to produce works such as movies, dramas, decorative design, product design, fashion and advertising, etc.